Quiz 2


I have included a short quiz for browsers to answer just for fun. This will test your knowledge on common Ear Nose Throat conditions. Answers are found at the bottom of the page and new questions will be updated in the first week of the even months of the year. Please feel free to email me if you would like an explanation of the answers. Enjoy yourselves!! (Answers can be found in the information pages).

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Quiz 2 (Dec 2005)



The principal symptom in acute infections of the middle ear is pain

 True   False
2. Patients with Meniere’s disease complain of swallowing difficulty
 True   False
3. Smoking is the main cause of throat cancer
 True   False
4. Men are more likely to snore than women
 True   False
5. A furuncle (pimple) can never be found in the external ear canal
 True   False
6. A long-standing perforation of the eardrum presents as ear pain
 True   False
7. A patient with tonsillitis suffers 5 episodes per year for the past 3 years. He will most likely benefit from a tonsillectomy
 True   False
8. All children who have not developed speech by the age of 3 should have a hearing test.
 True   False
9. A barium swallow is given to patients as treatment for gastric ulcers
 True   False
10. A thyroid lump always moves on swallowing
 True   False
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Scoring System

10 – Are you a doctor?
8 to 9 – Very good. You must have read up.
5 to 7 – You can do better. Just guess a little better.
Less than 5 – Don’t feel bad. There is always the next

Dr Gerard Chee

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